Wednesday, 27 December 2017

S.U.K.M.U.M 2017

It’s end of the year again and it’s sports season for UM. This time, it’s no longer the carnival system which means I get to play! However, I will need to travel back and forth from SG to KL during the weekends. Friday midnight bus to KL - game starts at 8am - Sunday midnight bus to SG - work at 8.30am. How to keep up? I don’t know. I’m just in it to play and hopefully not screw up internship at the same time.

First Saturday, I had two games running back to back and simultaneously, Futsal and bowling. Futsal in the morning! Played the group stage and won all 3 games. Rushed off to shower and prepared to head over to 1Utama for bowling. Managed to take the van with the rest of the team. True enough as we expected, team bowling event is after singles and doubles. 😑 I could have just stayed in UM and play quarter finals and probably semis too. Anyways, I stayed and finished my games then the Futsal team called and say yes you can make it for the finals if I leave OU now! Excited as crap, I packed my things and rushed off. Went downstairs and it was pouring cats and dogs! Was that even a right phrase? πŸ€”πŸ§  in the midst of getting a grab/Uber at this point of time was just impossible.... luckily WC called and asked if I was done. Leaped with joy! I’ve got a free ride from a friend!!! Drove and dropped me off at gym 2 and also stayed to watch my game! Thanks WC! Day 1 ended with 1 gold and 1 silver in hand (lost by 30pins..) 

Next weekend: Saturday 
Same exact travelling time. This time is was only for hockey. First time meeting my team mates, I can barely remember their names even now. πŸ˜… Let’s track back a little bit during the weekdays. Joined albatross for a friendly against SIT. Forgot to bring my ankle guard and just pure ... luck. Got myself not just an ankle sprain but a high ankle sprain. Sounds so canggih right? But it’s the worst ankle sprain you would ever want to have. It’s not about the ATFL or the smaller ligaments that hold your foot to your leg. It’s the ligament that holds both your tibia and fibula none of the leg together! πŸ€•πŸ€’ Bad news to the team cause I cannot even run. So they would have to work double time harder but I was their only key player... played the group stage matches and won both games. Never have I actually scores goals on my own. This time I score in both games which was just... 🀯🀯🀯 won quarters and semi, it was against kk12 again. The only difference was we had two of our ex players on their side. It was a close match and considering them having more experienced players and won us by 0-1, I would say, we did well holding the game back! πŸ˜‡ Got ourselves a bronze medal. 

Thanks Cassie for coming back to play with us. 

Hoping to get the award I’ve been trying to attain for 2years, but I just lost of by one gold medal. πŸ™„ whatever... should I still play the upcoming years? I have no idea man. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

UniKL Mitec 3v3

After staying in SG for nearly a month, with leagues and club training all ending, things started to get a little boring and all we could do was eat and shop. But that is not possible to do for a long time as the currency here is triple the MYR! So Chrisenterl and I planned to participate in the 3v3 held in JB just for the fun of it and partly to create an avenue whereby she can gain back the feel of playing as a field player. Gathered people and boom! We have 5 players! Ready to go! 

Travelled to JB early in the morning frm SG while the other team mates drove from UM. Hectic rush. Thought we could grab some nice breakfast in JB and spending in RM but everything was still closed when we got there! Hitch the Uber ride and thank God for a nice Uber driver who was willing to fetch us to get breakfast without charging us extra! Played the games as usual except the fact that we were all super chill about it. No warm ups nor cool downs or even stretches! Wah... sounds like some newbie who just started Floorball and all that was needed is hit and run kinda vibe. This game was to train specific people how to position their body and take the shot. I guess and I hoped that one bring home message from the game was to not force and rush the play. Reset and open up the play. Whether everyone actually got it or not... I have no idea... 

Guys on the other hand played pretty well! To even begin with players who held the stick just a few months ago, ‘‘twas a crazy game they played and stepped up! With a SG invitational team, the UM boys played well against them. Being very patient which is so rare! 
This team wouldn’t have even exist if it wasn’t for Danial being there to take up the coaching and lead the team. Thanks! 

As crazy as ever, we went back to SG on that night itself while the others drove back to KL. Tired as crap, ended up sleeping till 2pm and rushed off for the Women’s Premier league. I’ve always hear ppl saying MVP but on that day, legit I got myself a MVP trophy. A weekend trip turned out right I guess... time to sign out! And be back next weekend as we shall be training hard as preparation for TAR Cup 2017. #morelikeslackingandeatingevenmore #trainingtheysay #actualfact #wecantevengetourrunsgoing #rainisalwaysanexcuse 

TAR Cup 2017

It’s the end of the year again! The Champion’s league is back, held at the same place and same time. A tournament where only the top 2 club teams of each state will participate. No idea how UM was able to win the title last year by winning an upset against Vendetta Eagles (Singapore invitational team). Will we be able to retain the title? πŸ€” This year would be a little more challenging as opponent teams are getting way stronger while UM girls are just constantly getting in new players. It’s okay... at least we have new players and more people actually play in UM, which is our main objective.

D-day: SG-KL 
Reached KL earlier than we thought. Took the Uber to Nabila which was suppose to be a 24 hours shop turned out closed and we had to turn back to UM with a hungry stomach. ⏭ arrived at the game venue. Played our first game against Vendetta. Tough game but we were leading 2-1 until second period... when the final whistle blew, it was 2-2. We drew the game. πŸ˜ͺ well at least we didn’t lose. 

Next game was against Iukl which wasn’t as hard as vendetta but they gave us a tough fight too. Then we played firebrands which consisted of the Penang state players. The game was tight at the first period but luckily in the second period, goals starting going into the net and we won 5-0. 
With the win, off we go into the semi finals! The same exact draw that happened last year. Meeting vixens at the semi finals is really a killer bcz we don’t know if we are able to win them again. This is the point where I started to play full time on court. 15min x 2. Obviously I’m not trained for this! Hello? All I did in Singapore was eat, sleep, work, shop. So we played and we were losing at the first period 0-1. Then we fight our way through and won the game with only 3-2! 

Finals! We are back at it again! Now the headache comes... should I still play my original keeper or should I put in Chriscenterl as a goalie? But I’ll lose a player if I play her a player... πŸ€” decisions πŸ€”. Slept through, thought about it and even asked around for opinions. Then I chose to play my original goalie sengpai and remain Chriscenterl as a player. Obviously I stayed in the whole time again. Not bcz I don’t trust my players but I would think they need a core player in it and I hate to admit it but there’s no one else... πŸ˜• 

 πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ vs πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ - Let the GAME begin! 
I tried to match up our lines with the opponent by putting in line 2 first. It was crazy intense and I don’t think the girls can hang in anymore. One to one change, I went in but the pressure was on our half. And fair enough, vendetta scored their first goal against us. 0-1 and it maintained for the whole first period. I don’t know if my team’s moral was down or not. Deep down in myself, I just know that I need to win this back and I guess I was very very overwhelmed. Talked a little only and left the rest to Danial and Dr Rizal to settle those on the bench. Second period = last 15 min. Just need 2 goals to win the game as I do not want a penalty shoot out. There was me... going berserk now. Started dribbling and shoot then dribble and drop pass. It looked as if UM has the possession. Continuous attempts and finally! One goal! All thanks to Chriscenterl for screening the goalie! Now the game is back on to 1-1. Then the second goal went in! Gotta give credits to Danial for knocking me in the head asking me to shoot lower and the waist area. 2-1 UP! Down to the final few minutes, I have no idea that we had 4 players in court only as Smelly was sent out for 2 min Penalty. Zzzz. Thank God we managed to hold the game and Khu scored one goal!!! A slot goal! After 2 years not seeing her play Floorball. She still has the moves. *whistle~... 3-1 WON!!!! Yesss we chase the game from losing 0-1 to 3-1! What a turn over! 

I’m just glad that all these girls put in effort to run and really chase for the ball unlike the past years. This gold medal is indeed theirs which was earned with sweat and hardwork! Congrats girls! I’m very proud of all you. Last tournament of the year. Ps: All the tournaments and competitions we participated this year, we manage to secure a Gold medal! Top for this year! Achievement and aim achieved! Thank you girls! 

She just loves to K people. Hence... the photo... 😐

Players from every state! If I’m not wrong, all of them were developed in UM then went out to participate in other clubs. One of the few people I’ve brought in and actually stayed. 

Oh yes, as u can see... I was forced on an interview session with some Astro people. I hate interviews. These people came around on the first day of competition and filmed the whole event. Thanks for coming! I hope I didn’t spoil the interview. Hahha! 

Sunday, 29 October 2017

UM Intervarsity Floorball Championship 2017


Annual tournament. Right after Merdeka Cup. Hectic. Tiring. Pressure. Flustered. Name it and I may have it at that point of time. So much to handle though I know those in KL were helping out so much on the logistics and stuffs. Thank you! Juggling with internship, settling registration, getting everything for the match done. Would have never ever even imagine I’m able to do it. Try coordinating everything from across the country border. A bit crazy I would say.

Game day 1 started late in the evening. I left Singapore at 5.30am and reached UM just in time about 2pm. Really pushing it to the edge. Settled all the registration and started the games! Though more than half of me wanted to stay in SG to play the last league game which is against NUS Titans. Always missing the good games. Dang! Anyways... during the games... you would see me going back and forth getting match sec, play my game with the UM team, coaching, getting lunch, settling the payment for courts and preparing everything for the opening ceremony. 

Because our beloved sports minister YB KJ came to officiate our event! Insane! Gave inspiration thoughts and hope for the future for Floorball and he went trying to score the goal. Pretty good skills he has there! 😎🀠 

My first time meeting the UM boys and girls. I’ve only talked to them on whatsaap and really hoped they really train and can play. Surprisingly, they weren’t as bad! Passes and shots for that short duration of 3 weeks training, I’d say you people have done a good job! Pleasure to see them so enthusiast and passionate to play. But on top of all? They literally had fun to the max. Daring to try new tricky stuffs but still remain humble and actually listen to advices. πŸ‘πŸ»

As usual, every time I step on court, everyone would go “hey... no need to play!, don’t bully people on court, give others a chance”. Deep down I know I’d be owning others on court but at least I try not to? In fact I don’t think I did. All I did was to play and help build my team mates. Yes opponents may think it’s unfair having me and Ivana to play together. I get it. But obviously I would want UM to win as well. Plus, pretty sure my team mates would also want to play with me at least once since I’m in the team. 

All the group stages, I barely played. I may have played but you would see me only once on court throughout the full period. The girls scored so many goals on their own and honestly it was their hard work that got us all the way to finals. As for the guys, really tough fight and these fresh legs can really run. πŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸ» both the guys lost out in group stage just missing the play off by one game. Which is not too bad. So don’t lose hope and keep training! 

Girls played all the way into finals against USM again. Tough and tight game! But well done girls. Well done to USM too! They scored really nice goals. As much as I don’t want to brag about our championship, but this win is really needed to help the girls have a feel of what it is to actually really play Floorball at a faster pace versus better players. 



                                                            Meet the newbies from UM! 



Thank the Tytto girls for the birthday surprise! Even if it’s one week later, the girls still bought a cake for me! 

Boys being boys. Being all cheeky! No cake but there’s always finger candles! Thanks guys! 

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

MASUM 2017

Meet my TEAM! 

What is it about? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” 

Who would have ever thought I would participate in a WTF tournament? Sparring rules are all totally different and I have been out of training since 2013. As usual... there were people who were able to convince me to join them for MASUM. Crazily... half my heart said yes! Jumping with excitement and the other half was just no... don’t go... πŸ˜‚ Training sessions were kinda tough for me to keep up due to the lack of flexibility and stamina but there’s always a drive in the team that keeps me going. Supposedly we have solid 4 months of training but somehow... it ended up with only 2 months? 

D-day: it was the day of the competition. Nervous like crap! Everyone in the team had a certain role to do. Either lose weight or put on weight... the worst part is, those who were suppose to lose weight had a had time losing it and those who had to gain weight (which is easier) had a super hard time too! Cause of the metabolism and the body system returning to the balance and usual weight. Those who had to lose weight ran with layers and layers of windbreaker, starve and drink minimal amount of water. Torturing much but it was all just for until the weigh in day. It ended up worth it! Everyone was on point. Stress part 1 is over! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ 
Walked around UKM. It was bad! No food... and the monkeys are far worst than UM. Scary... 

Day 2: The draws for sparring were posted and those who knew who their opponents were freaked out while people like me (first timers) look at the draws and sleep. I was in welter weight category to begin with. Illiya, Freda, Nicholas, and Danial spar on the first day. Illiya was a little out of luck as she met one of the Terrengannu sisters (idk who) which are known to be superb. She gave a tough fight and lost out by just a bit. Watching her spar gave me chills as I kinda freak out cause I was afraid I couldn’t adapt to the rules and the body protector... Freda was almost on par with Illiya... Just missed it for a wrong decision thus, causing her to fly out the ring after being hit with a super clean back thrust kick. πŸ€• Nicholas fought well but was also a little unlucky to sprain his ankle during the fall in the fight. Danial on the other hand, who had just recovered from asthma fought his way through the finals. We all know he was the UM SC’s target to get a gold medal. Also with enough experience, we were all pretty sure he would make it. In the finals, he knocked out (KO) that poor boy with only slapping kicks to the body protector. πŸ™Š oh oh! Not forgetting Kak Nadhirah too! She got all the way to Semi-finals but lost out due to tiredness... But at least she got 3rd placing! Congrats!! 2 medals on the first day of sparring event. 

Day 3: Action time for the remaining ones. That would be me included. 😰 couldn’t even sleep properly the night before. Oh did I mention? The WTF sparring uniform is super light and obviously I didn’t buy any of the uniform or gears. There’s the Azri siblings to lend me! Thank you! πŸ”™ to the game day. Lajiu (Bantam) and myself (welter) has our matches back to back. Thus coach Ryan had to run in and out with us. Lajiu started of so well! Really proved that she was Pahang Sukma representative. I think she won the match with Gap point (20pts) crazy! Then all the way till semi finals. Epic one! The match started and coach Ryan didn’t even get to put down his water bottle on the floor, he had to leave his seat already. Why? Because Lajiu KO-ed the opponent with just ONE downward kick to the face and game over... that was her semi finals. It didn’t even last her 20 seconds! In the finals, she slayed it yo! Just with counter attack. She was unbeatable. πŸŽ–πŸ₯‡ another gold for UM which was totally unexpected. 
Then it was me... the draws weren’t that bad for me. It was a gradual difficulty level opponents. Fought a fairly new opponent whom was gigantic! Seriously. If I got one clear clean hit from her. I’ll be on the ground. I got so frozen up where my legs won’t even lift to kick her. But the arms were active. Every time she throws a kick at me, I would dodge and slide in for a punch. After the match was over, everyone clapped and I thought it was my team mates so I didn’t really bother. Until I realised it was the whole hall. My team mates then told me I scored 8 points with punching alone. Everyone was impressed so am I. πŸ˜… However, here’s the big problem... everyone is aware that I am capable of using my fist and I can only execute a downward kick to score. Had a buy straight into semi vs the other buy frm UMS. She looks freaking intimidating. Literally... she and her coach has been a analysing me for the longest time. Zzzz... during semi, I was leading and suddenly she was catching up. I got too chocked up and the natural ITF style of punching to the head appeared! That’s the end man... every time I touched her head the referee would go “Keong-Go” which is a double warning. I could have lost the game bcz of the warnings I got. I was down with only half warning on the board and 1 point behind my opponent. All she need to do was to push me out of the ring or make me fall then I would be disqualified. Instead, she decided to be defensive to win with that one point advantage she has. Danial was coaching me at that point of time. All I could her was “left leg swing. NOW!!” So I did as I was told and lucky enough, it got me 2 points at the last 6 seconds of the final bout of the match. So I won the match with 1 point ahead of her (26-25). Me being me. Not even knowing I won when everyone was cheering like mad. Looked at the score board (26 -red / 25-blue) I looked down on my own body protector only then I found out I was red! Urgh... blur as ever. Really wouldn’t have won that if it wasn’t for coach Danial who was behind on the chair. Went on to finals hoping to win he gold medal. 1st bout and crap... I knocked her down with the same downward kick that Lajiu did to win her semis. Final match wasn’t as tiring and nerve wrecking as semi. But I’m grateful to walk home with a πŸ₯‡ medal in hand! So so freaking happy! 

That’s us, kak nad, Lajiu and our coach Ryan behind

Gold medalist for Free Sparring (ignore the huge uniform. It’s Danial’s and he is way taller) 

Ended the day with 3 gold and 1 bronze. Way above what was set for us. 

Player x coach 🀝 both gold. πŸ₯‡πŸ₯‡

The only UM girls who KO-ed the opponent. πŸ™Š

Merdeka Cup 2017

Another year/season of not playing with Penang for MC. It started off really shaky where we weren’t even convinced with the coach as he was always missing in action during our trainings. Even when he placed us in our lines to play friendly matches. It was disaster and Coach zaidi will change the line eventually. So does he understand us? That’s what everyone thought. Training was just plain boring drills and the others were doing it for the sake of doing and not understanding the idea or the purpose behind. Countless time I tried to help by explaining but some would just give the πŸ™„πŸ€” faces. Then I gave up. I had so many things in hand at the same time. Internship abroad to settle. 

Then we went for Singapore tour. Yes Coach was there but I personally felt we weren’t ready. Though we won all games in SG. It doesn’t make any difference because line 3 was so demotivated. Brenda in the team was a new centre and it was pulling her down as she could not adapt to the role and control anything. I really hope you don’t hate me for nagging at you. Cause all I wanted was for u to learn to play with an opened heart and adapt as fast as possible. But you are just as stubborn like usual. 😀 So we ended the trip with walking on the freaking causeway with all our luggage from SG to JB. *checklist ticked* 

Just in a few days time, I went back to Penang and flew straight into SG. That’s when I first started to miss training sessions and at the same time, it was the first time the team played a friendly without me. Everyone was just so gloomy during the friendly and play like crap. No possession of the ball, no composure, no confident and most importantly... NO HEART to play. When I heard of the news update from some players while I’m in SG. It really kills me from the inside because I know that they will be playing the first match against Johor without me. If they don’t win then it will be tough to win the other two matches due to the depression and mental breakdowns. So I sent a long long text to everyone in the group, hoping to boost a little confident and make them realise what they are actually capable of. Don’t even know if it worked. But at least I’ve played my part. 

It sucks to always hear people say “if Peiyi doesn’t play, the team will lack out by a lot”. If this is true, then why send one team to play? Might as well save cost. Send me alone to play and I could even have the chance to stay in a hotel instead of renting a house with 19 players in it. The more reason why we as Selangor should win all our group stage since we were already given the luck to play against the average level teams. 

Day 1: vs Johor. 
I was heading to my office as usual but it was as though a skeleton walking without a soul. Mind wondering everywhere. Heart keeps on skipping a beat and all I can think of is “can they play and win it today?” Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat were all so still and silent. No notifications, nothing. It freaks me out even more because I couldn’t get any updates on what going on. Whole day at work. All I did was refreshing all my social media to gain access to MC 17. πŸ˜ͺ After work, when heading home, I finally got a text from the girls telling me they WON! I’m like yes! Thank God! And other players from different states starting texting me asking where was I and also the team played really well. Huge improvement which took everyone by shock! πŸŽ‰ I rushed home immediately and grab my stuffs. Head straight to SP to meet Alina and finally travel to JB. 

Day 2: vs Sabah 
The toughest game for group stage. I entered the house pretty late and woke up earlier than the rest. Girls were so happy to see me and everyone was more than alive and awake although it was only 7am. Prepared and head to the stadium. Entered the stadium and yes obviously Beverly was there to welcome me. Screaming my name from half across the stadium... 😢 glad to meet her too! Greeted everyone from Penang and went out for team talk. Warm up and prayed and off we go. The game started. The girls were really good. Playing on top of what they were capable of. Impressive. Won the game. 

That’s Eeleen who moved to Sabah and led the team till now.

Sabahans who studies in SG. 

Day 3: vs KL 
I have no idea why but everyone was just so triggered by the friendly they had with KL right before MC. Just because they lost 8-4 the other day. Everyone’s faces showed that they were nervous. Knocked some sense into them and everyone just nodded... πŸ˜“ not a very good response. Started the game off very shaky... forcing me to score the first goal in order to break their nervousness since we are leading by 1. 
Hands down. πŸ™ŒπŸ» and clap πŸ‘πŸ» these KL girls were superb fast in the pressing and counters. Dead tiring to play against them. 
Illiya- the girls without lungs 

Aini- another one without lungs. Pressing almost everyone and anyone who has the ball. 

Day 4: vs Putrajaya
Yay! Won all three group stage matches and topped the table! Thank god Penang topped the table as well. Means we will not meet them in semi-finals but meeting Putrajaya in semi-finals was equally as bad as Penang... Damn tiring game. We were leading in the first period then lost the second period. I had to brain wash and lecture Elsa who was my defender. Losing confidence and all at this crucial time will really kill the whole team! Talked to her over and over again in every line change. I was so tired myself not having enough breath to catch, but I still need to motivate the others... Oh God... please grant me the strength to hold on. I played double shift towards the end as we were chasing for 2 goals to draw the game. Did a drop pass to Dorcus and the same exact one to Ivana. And both scored! Drew the game at 5-5. Penalty shoot out! I was personally damn tired and really couldn’t catch my breath anymore. Coach gave Dorcus, Alina, Jimun, Ivana and me to take the penalty. Of course I was the last one. Our keeper did great! So calm and good positioning. Alina hit the goalpost bar πŸ˜‚, Dorcus scored, Jimun scored and no one from Putrajaya scored. I was the first one to run into the court to celebrate so I don’t have to take the penalty shoot out. 
See! I was the first one there! 

Selangor’s first debut in the finals! 

And more pictures summing up my season with Selangor