Friday, 9 June 2017

World Floorball Championship Qualifiers 2017

It was almost the end of 2016. MFA decided to send a women team to participate in the World Qualifiers which is held at Wellington, New Zealand. It's probably the greatest and best news I've heard after so long playing Floorball. It has always been my dream to participate in the World Floorball Championship! This opportunity to be chosen to participate in the qualifiers made me one step closer to what I'm about to achieve for Malaysia and myself. Leaping with joy as I received the good news but on the other hand, it was pretty stressful as I was in the midst of preparing for final exam, assignments and training everyday. Tons of people may say I've gone through this phase a thousand time but this time, it is totally different. Also, the championship is held during the Chinese New Year celebration.

As usual... For every Floorball event or game that Malaysia has, the players will need to fork out a sum of money to participate. Because this year, the championship is held in New Zealand, therefore the cost of the trip would be more expensive. Each player has to pay up to MYR 3 thousand and this excludes the pocket money. We sold jerseys, car stickers and even had a mini tournament just to raise funds for the team. On the personal side, I'm truly blessed and thankful to have the Selangor Floorball Assocation to fully sponsor me financially for this championship. My very first time traveling abroad with more than 15 hours on the plane. 

Traveling itinerary: 
28th Jan - Penang -> KL 
29th Jan - KL -> Melbourne 
30th Jan - Melbourne -> Wellington
6th Feb - Wellington -> Auckland 
7th Feb - Auckalnd -> Gold Coast 
8th Feb - Gold Coast -> KL 
             - KL -> Penang 

Wellington is really a nice place to be. Breathtaking sceneries, hot chocolate, waffles and many more. Before I got there, it shows that Wellington is having summer which will be good for us as if does not differ a lot from Malaysia. Unfortunately, the moment we stepped out the airport, strong cold chill wind blew us right in the face. Immediately! Everyone put on layers of jackets and wind breaker. It was cold! If summer is 20 degrees there... I wonder what's winter?!   

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Semester break!

This time round, I didn't get to go back to Penang for 2 months. Got involved in some research project and had to stay in KL for a little longer to finish up the testing. 

Chinese New Year 💥🙉
Day 3- Dorcus, family photo & Floorball 
Day 4- ling ling house 
Day 5- suppose to watch ola bola... But couldn't make it. So we went for bak kut Teh instead. Did the craziest and scariest thing ever! Which I will never do it again. 

Meet up/Reunion 
Met up with Jia Ying, thexeilia, bless and Mythili. Emily was suppose to come. Mythili leaving. 

It's actually a long sem break... But it feels like it's just a few days off... Going back to UM again in a few days time... Haih... 


This is very sad to hear that the government itself is not keen on helping a potential sport to grow. Instead of creating a platform for Floorball which already has so many players and entered so many competitions even participated in the World Championship, they decided to cut us out and play some other sport. Then how are we suppose to even grow and get recognition? Then you come and tell us we do not have enough experience in international or national scences. So freaking frustrated! 
C'mon man.


Dear floorball friends,

As you may have heard by now, Floorball unfortunately will not be contested at the upcoming 2017 SEA games in Kuala Lumpur. The Malaysia Floorball Association (MFA) huffed and puffed as hard as we could, and have now exhausted all our options, and are resigned to the fact that the gatekeepers have refused to include us as part of the SEA games. We are not only disappointed not to be part of the games, but more importantly we are bitter at how the whole process was handled by certain individuals within the Council.

We have been given a hard time since the first day we stepped into the Council’s office in July 2012, to seek counsel on participation in the 2013 Myanmar Games. The then secretary muttered words that still ring in our ears till today – “….you all (new sports), no need to play in these games lah, go make your own tournaments”. Four months later, being thick faced, we went again, we had enough countries that wanted to play floorball as an exhibition game; Myanmar 2013 were willing to host – and we would like to go. We will pay our own way. He then muttered another gem “…why you all want to go, why promote this sport, this is a Singapore sport lah. Don’t waste your time”. 

March 2013, we went again, obviously we didn’t get his hint. We pretty much insisted on going, we asked what did the council stood to lose? The Council gave in (although certain quarters were not happy). To our surprise, later, the Council proceeded to play hardball (no pun intended). Even though we wanted to pay our own way, they refused to arrange for our visa and did not want to sell us the official attire. This was about one week before departure. We bought knock-off Nike Malaysian jerseys from uptown to be used as our travel attire, and we went to junta controlled Myanmar without visas. With some Malaysian charm we managed to convince the Myanmar immigration to let us through. Oh, and to top off the cake, the Council told us that the accreditation can be collected at the games village – it was not there. After a 6 hour wait, with the help of some Singapore and Myanmar friends, we finally got to the village. Men and ladies team won silver.

In September 2014, we went the Council’s office again. We said we wanted to participate in Singapore 2015, where it will be a medal sport. Again, we were willing to pay for everything, of course we got the cold shoulder. We were again not due to get the official attire; until the timely intervention of the chef de mission, who during a meeting made a directive that all those representing the country in Singapore should get the same attire and be treated equally. Finally someone that had some common sense. We had the full support of the crew from MSN and ISN. We won bronze.

Fast forward to the past year, the Council said that we should be their member, so that it is possible to have floorball in the 2017 games. We have never applied to be a member because we did not fulfil some of the criteria’s set out. For example, we did not want to register dummy states just to fulfil the criteria. All the states under MFA are active playing states. By the end of 2015 we had enough active states, and so we applied. After numerous times going back and forth filing the papers, by April our application was complete and will be processed, as told by the Council’s executive office. We have not heard since.

Meanwhile throughout June and July, we heard many versions from many quarters on why floorball can’t be accepted in the 2017 games – first it was not a potential medal sport, then because it was a new sport, then it was not a popular sport, and the final official reason was that because floorball was not a member of the Council. Which is weird, because we went to two SEA games without being a member. Anyway, apparently the Council is so inefficient that it takes more than 3 months to process a membership application. It would have been a lot easier if someone would have been man enough to stand up and say “we don’t like you, we don’t want floorball in the 2017 SEA games”. That would have saved us a whole lot time.

Then there is the post on FB by the current deputy secretary of the council. He stated that floorball can’t be in the games as MFA is not a member and MFA (and 3 other sports) has had no development for the past 20 years. What are they smoking over there?  We are not a member because you have not processed the application for the past 3 months.  And, floorball has only been around for the past 10 years in Malaysia. We started with 20 odd people and now have around 4100 players – from 12 year olds kids, elite state players to the odd weekend warriors, with a combined average age of only 21.8 years old. We have more active floorballers than athletes of some of the listed sports – combined! Do the maths, and see that at this exponential growth rate, in ten years we will have more floorballers than other athletes in half of the listed sports that you have. The last world cup final in Sweden had more than 25,000 paying spectators! We have a social media following that is much more following than a majority of the listed sports, including that of the Council. Last month’s school event, reached 15,000 people on FB alone! This is how big floorball is. 

I personally was a great admirer of him, was a keen listener whenever I hear him at talks. Was. The irony is that the MFA is built on the same ideas that he himself championed. An association that is not dependant on the government (MFA receives zero funding for operations and development), an association that is free from political interference and is run by those that play the sport, an association that is club based (states under MFA only have clubs under them, not daerah), an association that is not dependant on MSSM/KPM (MFA runs its own school tournaments), and association that does not pay players - but have players pay to play; and an association that is debt free (MFA has always had a positive bank balance since its inception). We are all that he has wished for in an association, and yet this is how we are treated.

At the end of the day, if he would have stated that the SEA games will only have Olympic sports and nothing else, we would have walked away quietly. This was not the case. The criteria for sport selection for the games was never outlined, it was, and still is grey. In Myanmar, I thought it was funny that the host included Chinlone as a medal sport, where they duly thrashed everybody. But I understand now that at least their direction was clear, they wanted to promote their traditional sport. What is the council’s direction? Promote winter games? For all the great work that you have done in the many years of service, I will probably just remember you as part of the group that championed ice hockey and ice skating to be played in probably the hottest, most humid regional games. What a pity.
(No offence to the ice hockey people, we love ice hockey too). 
It is sad to see that the very people that are there to act as catalyst for sport development are acting as gatekeepers instead. Thankfully, this particular group of people will not be around in the next cycle. Good riddance, the future is bright for us. What you have done so far is just marginalised us, which is fine, we love being rebels and the underdog. Lookup the story of BMX and how it became an Olympic sport. We will bide our time.

Floorball friends, MFA is truly sorry that we are not able to bring you floorball at the SEA games 2017, in our very own backyard. I can assure you it is not from a lack of effort. I do hope that all of us still go all out to support our SEA games contingent. Do not despair, we will take this on the chin and continue to move forward.

Keep calm and continue to do what we do best – play floorball. See you guys at the upcoming Merdeka Cup.

Rizal Mohd Razman
Malaysia Floorball Association

Sea games 2015 

World university Floorball championship 2014

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Alvin and Alice Wedding Day!

    2 days after my birthday, 10th October is Alvin and Alice's wedding day and 1 week before that, Alice asked me to be her bridesmaid. I was shocked when she asked me because I wasn't even close to her or known her for a very long time. Plus, I just entered Tyttobandy!Co but I guess this is how much they accept me into the family. Much love. Hehe. So on the 9th oct, we all travelled down to Seremban for her wedding. I hitched a ride with Colin and Val. What I did the whole journey was Sleep.😅 tired from all the late night birthday celebrations. At one point, I woke up for a while due to some bumpy road. Turns out... No. Colin just drove over a dead dog which was hardened on the road. It was funny to see Colin freak out while Val is all so chill and laughing her head off. (They make a good couple). Reached Alice's house then prepared all the stuffs. Photo taking and games were done. Had to fit myself into this red dress... Rare colour... Then the bridesmaid and best man were literally the Floorball family. Terrence, Ricky,Jonathan, Colin, Daniel and Kelsern. From morning till night, no rest full day. Hectic. Alvin and Alice must be very tired. 
   Later at night, it was the wedding dinner and the dress code was free! Yes! I can wear something more comfortable. No jerseys or blouse of course. Hehe. 
Didn't do much during dinner except meeting people whom I didn't expect to see them like Deswyn, Gerald and a few other players. Cut long story short, things went well and this is a new experience being a bridesmaid. 

20th birthday away from home.

    Celebrating my birthday away from home the second time. First year in Uni, my birthday was pathetic. Then my second year, I had Ivana as my roommate. So we did talked about birthdays, events and Floorball stuffs. 8th Oct has arrived. The day started off hectic due to assignments and presentations following up with Floorball session at night which is a super mandatory session that I wouldn't even miss it. As usual, Azmill picked both Ivana and I to Floorball. Nothing much happened in Floorball except for a little of teasing and disturbing from the boys. Ended and we went home to shower. And Ivana said we will go out for birthday celebration supper. Suddenly, we ended up in Floorball Houz, and I was like I thought we are eating? Ivana said yes. Azmill said we are here to pick up Gary. Okay... Everyone went down and obviously I went and play with the dogs. Cute! Suddenly, Ivana came out with the cake and singing a birthday song... Honestly her voice cracked terribly for that song. But it was fine. She actually bought chocolate cake! Nice! 
After cutting the cake, we were not allowed to eat. Gary asked all to hurry up and go out for dinner/supper. In the car, I asked where are we going? "Are we eating my favorite cheese naan?" Nobody answered me... Okay... Fine... Ended up at a dim street, but there were a lot of people eating. And guess what? They brought me to Williams!!! The place I was bugging them to bring me to. Ahha sat down and Gary the boss placed the orders for us. He kinda ordered a lot. When the food came, it wasn't just kinda a lot but it was really damn a lot. 
Carbonara spaghetti with meatballs -really good. Not kidding- 
Lamb with the fried mantao. 
The driver Azmill and the boss Gary
Lazy to crop the picture. So I'll leave it as it is. Yea here, u can see the amount of food we had. Right... And we had 15 prawns... Zzzz and the drinks are huge! But I was a good meal. Really made my 20th birthday good! Thanks guys! 

----rewind a bit to the 7th October-----
    Wei Chyi and Shern Nee, friends which I got closer to in the beginning of second year. They threw me a birthday celebration too! Took me out for cheese naan at mahbub. Bought me cheesecake and Starbucks. Really appreciate these moments. 
The powderpuff girls bcz of the colours. 
Thank you people! 

Merahans Knightangels

    So in 2015, I entered Div 1 for Singapore League and played for a different club. From Skools to Merahans. Div 1 was a complete different tempo. Everyone's ball handling, stick work and skill were Superb! ***py buck up!*** Traveled in and out SG between classes and training. Tiring but it was totally worth it. But too crazy. With the Msia currency dropping to 3.2... Zzz... Go there eat bread only... Haha no. Kidding! Yeah, so I played every week and time flies! It's over! We were ranked 5th/6th/7th in Div 1? I dunno man... Haha! But it was cool. Meeting players especially Malay floorballers. No offense but seriously, there are very little Malay players in Singapore. I think. Or maybe it's just me that I don't know a lot of people. (Don't judge 👊🏻). The best part of the league was when the opponent's coach shouts "gaurd 38!. Don't let her get the ball. Commit into her! 38 is coming behind you!" It's nice to know that I'm a threat to some teams. Somehow, it gives me a little motivation and energy to keep going to make them even more pressured. 😎😁😬
Against Albatross (top team in SG div 1)
Against NUS Jupitans. Oh did I forgot to mention, Laura scored a goal from a face off! Dribbles her way through everyone after winning the ball and scores! Amazing! 
Against Litto Floorball club. 
Thank you Alina for helping me getting into the team. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Merdeka cup 2015

           Mental toughness camp as preparation. We gathered at MSNPP and we thought the bus would take us to Penang Water Sports Centre. Manatau... They brought us to the airport instead! What is going on? We thought they were gonna fetch Mr. Fred, ended up; they left us there with RM 2.50 to take the bus to our location. We found the straight bus frm the airport to Water Sports Centre. Went on the bus, girls filled up all the seated rows behind and the guys stand. While we were on our way, the fear of having to cramp with the public in the bus was there. Luckily, it didn't happen. Just so you know, the Penang Airport and the Water Sports Centre is from one end of the island to the other end! We all agreed to a statement made which was "Guys and girls, your mental training starts now!"... Yea... Mental training by draining us mentally (if that made sense) nearly 2 hours on the bus and we already planted it in the head for the worst that's gonna happen which is a sleepless, tiring, torturing night. Reached our destination and Mr. Fred was there... His voice is just ... Something you can never miss. When he speaks, I feel as though I'm attending an army camp. Then they asked us to hand over all our toiletries and phones. Haih... **cut long story short** we did Sugar Cookie (diving into SAND and roll) then we had ice quest in the middle of the night at 2am (but it was 7.30am he says...) well I think his watch is broken. 😅.
Next we had to form a circle and float in the sea. Seriously? What is there's jellyfish? :/ so for safety, when he asked who doesn't know how to swim, I raised my hand. So we did it anyway, but I still don't get it how does this relate to training us to be mentally strong.
 Yes maybe for some they might feel mentally challenged and (hopefully - finger crossed) it actually helped them not making them even more terrified. To me, I thought it was more of trust and test us how much can we push and play out of our comfort zone without giving up. Throughout this whole camp, the one important thing I picked up was whatever that is told to do which doesn't make sense in the beginning has its purpose. They don't just ask you to do it for fun and watch you get dirty. Later on all these small activities that you think it's ridiculous are something you need to do in order to get something to work. Sometime it's not necessary for them to tell you every single detail of what it's for because they already have everything planned out and all we need to do is trust them and give your best. Example: sugar cookie - diving into the sand. You think it's fun? No! U get cut and friction on the arm. But in the end, when we did a level 2 ice quest where we were suppose to dive into the ice water and roll. This was where the sugar cookie comes in to help us keep our body warm. 

            *fast forward time* 3rd septemeber... All the hard work and trainings for the past 3 months only for 4 games in Sabah. That's it. Perform or not, there's no more second chance. We were at the airport, all checked in and ready to fly. While waiting for the plane, the boys went round interviewing people with the Go-Pro camera. 
Cheeky people...
Oh did I forgot to mention? YB Chong Eng actually took the effort to have the flag handling ceremony for us before we left to Sabah. 

 Went to Sabah, met all my Tytoobandy!Co players and Salibandy!Co  people too! 
Xin Ru whacked me with the stick on my teeth... Haha. 
UM hockey people- more to come. 

So we played against Johor for the first game and according to coach, if we beat Johor then we will be champions. Kak Ros, Lai leng and the gang played for Johor... It was a bit hard playing against them. Tough game. But we manage to break through the wall and score a few goals and won the game. Next, we were up against KL, a team which is fast but lack of skill. Still! With this team, I got myself a 2 min penalty... What... But I redeem myself back by scoring a goal in less than 10 seconds I was on court all the way from the bench penalty corner to the top corner of the opponents goal. For a moment I could not even believed I scored from half court. Best goal I would say. So we won the game with clean sheet. Last day of Merdeka Cup and we had 2 games. Selangor and Sabah. Selangor gave us a hard time playing. Maybe because we underestimated them with their abilities although they were little kids. We had to win this game if not, it would be so much harder to win the gold medal of we go against Sabah. Luckily, we managed to score 2 goals at the end of the game and won with a goal difference of 1. Guess what? We were the champions already! But if we want to win it, we need to win it all. So I guess some of the players' head was somewhere else celebrating already... When we played against Sabah, it was as though we were a lousy team and drew the game at 4-4. 

Alina was announced the top scorer when I guess I was on par or maybe scored more than her but the referee recorded some else's name. And ling ling was the top assist. Oh her grandma came and support too! 

Our ladies' coaches - Termin and Chris 

Bandy!Co group... The last of the team 
New close friend of the season- Beverly!- 

Well... Although I didn't manage to lead the team this year as a captain... I'm still glad that some still sees me as a leader...
Merdeka cup 2016? Where? Who? What? How? When? All these questions are waiting for an answer. 

Okay... Photo time 
Tytoobandy girls 
Tom yam gang- missing Kai Sheng and Sophia  *can't find the group picture... 
UM hockey teammmmm 
Line 2 members